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I couldn’t believe it.

Alden kissed Maine.

I’ve watched that part more than 20x.

Again, I couldn’t believe it.

I have waited for that to happen for so long. I’ve waited for Alden to do something out of the story. Waited for him to go out of his way to prove his affections towards her.

I wanted to a review. So I’ll do it, bit by bit.


(I’ve watched the upload from ALDUBPAMORE, credits to them <3)


Alden: Aldub you too

Maine: Aldub you

And then slowly, his hands takes her face and little by little puts his head to her head.


The truck ng basura came. And then…..



And then more slowly, Alden puts his forehead to Maine’s forehead.

And they’re looking at each other’s eyes. Just staring. And smiling giddy with each other.


Lola Nidora looking all deathly.


Alden doing every effort to match his face to her. While laughing because of the freeze.


Both of them just looking into each other’s eyes. Alden’s dimple getting deeper. VP AK’s close up pictures. (Me: Aint you a saint VP!)


Alden: Malapit na e! (<3!!!!)

Maine: Oo nga e! (Me: errrk. died because of too much kilig -.-)


Alden gulping multiple times. (Me: You must’ve wanted to kiss her for real)


Them laughing but still forehead to forehead! (Me: what do you want to do with the whole AldubNation. You’re both gonna kill us early because of so much kileeeeeg)


Their eyes that speaks it all. The admiration, the care, the love! (Me: died again -.-)


Them playing with each other’s eyes. Us just the audience watching them. #TooMuchFeels


Maine: Lola malayo oh!

Alden: Lola malayo naman


Alden almost kissing Maine! (Me: ANO BA! JUST DUET!!)

Audience: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Us #TeamReplay: AHHHHHHH!!!


Maine just looking at Alden’s eyes. Alden just looking at her with that smile. Those smiles that says everything.

Alden’s naninigkit na mga mata (<3)


Alden’s gulping (<3<3<3<3<3<3<3)


Tito Sotto: Nagtitigan o nagtitigan (Me: Yes we can see Tito Sen! And its already killing us with so much kilig!!)


Alden teasing!! (WAG!:)) oh our hearts)


Maine teasing! (PLEASE!!:))))


Alden, pahid pawis sa noo. Alden pahid pawis sa noo ni Maine. (*gulp*)


Joey: Ano ba kayong dalawa. Just duet! (AldubNation: EXACTLY)




Playful habulan of AlDub.

Audience: AHHHHHHHH!


So this is my epic attempt to show my deep appreciation on what I think of the last few seconds on Kalyeserye today. Grabe kayo samin Eat Bulaga. Grabe kayo AlDub.


On a different note. I just want to say thank you. Sobra. I’ve been feeling super down today because of my stress at work. And because part of my day is to watch the replay before going home, this show has lift my spirits up. I thank God everyday for the simple joys you bring. Not just to me but to those who are:

  1. Away living alone.
  2. Away living abroad
  3. Living alone
  4. Living in a large house but everyone’s busy
  5. Us, working hard for our families.
  6. People from all walks of life
  7. People who just needs just a bit of uplifting.

Thank you. Cause has shown us how great it is to be a Filipino. With all of you working hard since July 16. Since Eat Bulaga has started. That magic is still there. No wonder my mom, my late grandmother and all my Uncles and Aunts loves this show. I pray that you’ll have more power, strength and creative ideas to cater the demands of us, your loving audience. And to Maine and Richard, enough na yung you have each other’s back. Whatever you have right now, cherish it. You both deserve it.

God bless you all more!