Since I’m inspired by Maine’s blog update I’ll try to blog about this. So here it goes:

Valentines is this Sunday. And I am not a fan. Though, I keep on thinking what I should do for my beloved. We are in almost 22months now. And I have never been so happy and contented with this relationship. I had past relationships before (1 serious boyfriend and other flings). I am not exaggerating, but I never felt this way towards a person. We’re almost 2 years and my feelings are still similar when we were just a month into our relationship. First, let me describe my man and compare it to myself.


Him: he likes going out.

Me: I like being home.

Him: he’s super friendly.

Me: I’m super shy.

Him: he knows how to talk to people. And make them laugh.

Me: I don’t know how to make small talk.

Him: he loves to play computer games.

Me: I just play drums.

Him: he’s adventurous.

Me: I’m scared of heigths.

Him: he hasn’t watched a lot of movies or read books.

Me: reading and watching movies are one of my favorites pasttimes.

The list could go longer. But one thing is evident. We’re not alike. We love and do things so differently. We view the world in a different way. Even our upbringing. Its so different. Before, I thought people who knew their “The One’s”are not true. I always thought that in love, you have to be similar, you have to compatible. But all of these changed when I met my love.

Our differences was not a hindrance in our relationship. Its just teaches us more about each other and it helps us to be more mature in handling our relationship. We may have spats here in there. We may have flaws. We may fight petty things sometimes. But we always, alwasys choose to love. During this journey with him I have learned a lot. Let me share it to you:

  1. More than love, relationship is build on trust. You cannot be in a relationship if you do not trust.
  2. Love is patience (1 cor 13). Not just learning to be patient. But embodying and keeping patient. There will be times that I make him crazy when my hormones are acting up. But he has learned how t put  up with it.
  3. Compromise. I thought before compromise means sacrficing your happiness. It doesn’t. Compromise means loving what makes your partner happy and adjusting yourself for him. It must be, his happiness is your happiness.
  4. You learn unconditional love. This means that everything he feels, do, experience or learns you accept and support him. That no matter how ridiculous sometimes things are, you will be his number supporter.
  5. Last, happiness. You know you love the person when even if you’re 22 months in you still feel giddy everytime you see him. You don’t have to convince yourself that he exist. Cause you know he does. And he was made for you.

I may not be a good blogger. I may not know sll the right words to say tor express what I want to say. But I am truly truly grateful for my love. I thank God everyday for him. I thank God He has given me a partner who not only loves me but gives his all to me. I’ve waited for him for so long. Got multiple heartbreaks. But all of it was worth it.

So for all of you. He/She is just waiting for you to come. You just need to really pray hard. Learn to wait and learn to be ready to accept him/her. It pays to pray too. 🙂 God bless you!