W: I opened my eyes and saw chaos. People when put hot water turns into wax. Until, I’ve truly woken up. And it’s just a play we’re doing. You were one of the people at the audience. Staring intently at me. Me, wearing a white silk gown, with long hair and light makeup.

M: As I watch you move. So beautifully in the play, I saw glimpses of our future. But I am terrified that you won’t see me here in the dark. Longing to be with you. To feel your touch. To feel your lips. And to passionately kiss you. Tomorrow will be my last day here at the University. I said to myself, I must let you know of my feelings for you.

W: As the play is ending, I am reminded that tomorrow is your last day. I must let you know of my feelings for you.

M: As I enter the backstage, looking at you. I felt this rush in my heart wanting our future together to start soon.

W: As I saw you enter the backstage, with papers in hand, longing eyes and a beautiful face I pray to God to give me to you.

M: With looking in your eyes, reflecting mine gave me the courage. Then a moment came, when I suddenly bumped into you and my hands just reached out and embrace you with all my might.

W: I was drawn to you. And as you reach your hands to mine and hold me tight my lungs gave out a gasp.

M: I knew that you knew we’ve met in our dreams. That this moment, was a time in the physical world for us to meet. I gave you the papers I held in my hand.

W: As I look at the papers you gave me, I saw images from what I saw from my dreams. Dreams that I thought will never come true. But then, you found me.

M: Tears were running down your face. Suddenly three words came out from your mouth that I never knew I would hear from you.

W: I whispered to you “I love you”. From the moment, you appeared in my dreams to this moment that you are in my arms. I couldn’t say more than this.

M: “I love you”, I said back. Because those were the only feelings coursing through my heart – to my veins – to my entire body.

W: But then I remembered, you are to graduate tomorrow. How will I be with you? How can we start this adventure with you?

M: As more tears burst into your eyes, I suddenly remember that it is my last day tomorrow. How will I be with you? I want to start this adventure with you.

W: “Will you come tomorrow?” I ask.

M: “Yes.” I responded. Then he got up to leave and get ready for tomorrow. As I excitedly went home and ready for what will happen tomorrow.


W: I came. Silently, excitedly waiting for him to come.

Moments has passed. The sun is now on a high. The heat damaging my hair.

My eyes are filled my tears. As hours went by…


Then it stopped, I hear a shout.


M: I ran to her, I ran with all my might! I ran to finally reach her. To finally be with her.


W: And then I saw him, running. His embraced catching everything that I am.


M: I stopped embracing her, and then went down to one knee asking her, “Will you marry me?”.


W: “YES.” I said. If I can just shout this to everyone. To the whole world. That finally he is with me. He is mine. And I am his.


The end.


“A subtle try in creating short stories from the dreams I had.”

#Dreams #2017